The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 019

It doesn’t matter who you happen to be, whether it’s Mark Beaumont, Josie Dew, Alastair Humphreys, Fred Bloggs or even (dare I say) Andrew P. Sykes, if you’re intent upon embarking on a long-distance cycling adventure of your own, at some point you need to move out of your comfort zone, push the bike out of the garden gate and set off cycling, however uncomfortable that may feel, initially at least. That’s what Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper decided to do and they’ve just written about their experiences as first-time cycle tourists in a new book called Gears For Queers.

Cycle Touring Zine Callout

If you tune in to The Cycling Europe Podcast this weekend, you will discover a new episode – number 19 – in which ‘Gears For Queers’ – that’s Abigail Melton and Lilith Cooper – discuss their cycle as novice cyclists from Amsterdam to Montpellier in the south of France. They’ve written about their adventure in a new book that will be published in early June called (you guessed it…) Gears For Queers! If you listen to the chat on the podcast, you will hear mention of ‘Zines’ and specifically the Cycle Touring Festival Zine that Abi and Lilith are currently editing. They are looking for contributions and you have until May 23rd to get thinking and get creative.

Paul Gentle’s Tarifa to Nordkapp 2020: France, Part 2

If you listened to Episode 015 of The Cycling Europe Podcast you will remember that Paul didn’t make it quite as far as Nordkapp, for fairly obvious reasons. But he did make it as far as Nice in France and will hopefully one day soon return to complete the journey. But here in the written world of these posts (as opposed to the spoken world of podcasts), Paul has just arrived in France and is heading in the direction of Nice…

2020 Tour De France Contenders

The 2020 Tour de France is scheduled to take place a little later this year, with 29th August pencilled in for the opening day of the Grand Tour. This year’s Tour is expected to be wide open, with a large pool of cyclists likely to be hopeful of coming out on top after 21 gruelling stages. Here is a look at who we think are the four biggest contenders for the latest renewal of the most famous cycling event in the world.

Cycle Touring Photo Competition 2020: Update

Over 100 entries have been submitted to the Cycle Touring Photography Competition 2020! And there’s still three weeks to go before the deadline of the 31st May. All you need to do is send your best photos from 2019 (that must include a picture of your bike on a cycle tour of some kind) to Great prizes from Cicerone Press and the European Cyclists’ Federation. Full competition details at