Top 8 Tips For The Maintenance Of Your Bike

By Anees Saddiq

Keeping your bike in good shape enables you to save your time and money at the same level in the long term, so you need to discover the ways how to keep your cycle in tip-top condition.

In order to have a smooth and peaceful ride, you need to take care of your bike tenderly and lovingly. Your bike will enjoy longevity if you keep it fit physically on a priority basis. When your bike direly needs to change some parts, you should use genuine parts for your bike like oem honda motorcycle parts etc. The smooth efficient whirl of the chain and gears and whoosh of the rubber on tarmac, instead of the rickety rattling of poorly fixed gears and the gonging of a dry chain, will sensualise your riding experience.

Here are the topmost tips to keep your bike in a first-rate condition.

1. Keep your bike clean

The bike life can be prolonged if it gets cleaned regularly. And it is far easier to maintain if it is properly washed weekly. A bucket of cosy water and a sponge and old toothbrush are needed for the washing purpose. After washing it, add a light lubricant to the gears and chain before wiping off with a dry cloth.

2. Keep your tires inflated properly

The tyres which are poorly inflated are inclined to punctures. A standing track pump with a pressure gauge to do the right job is good for you to have it. Keeping the right tyre pressure will make your ride smooth because too low will slow your speed and too high will irritate your ride.

3. Adjust your gears

The smooth and pleasant ride mainly depends upon the setting and adjustment of gears on a bike. You need to keep the jockey wheels moving freely by applying lubricant once in a while. Don’t neglect and brush aside this part of your bike because it causes the annoying squeak. Like a honda bike parts, your bike parts must be genuine so that your bike may have incredible longevity.

4. Regular wheel checking 

Keep spinning your bike wheels by turning your bike upside down. They must not touch to the brakes or moving to and fro. Your both wheels need to move equally without any ripple in their movement. If one of the wheels is out of true, it needs quick truing before going on a ride. Truing a wheel is not a piece of cake; rather it is a proper skill.

5. Silence brakes

Rickety and worn out brakes are considered dirty brakes and screeching brakes. Keep them neat and clean so that they may work properly when using brakes urgently. The stability and the durability of your wheels considerably depend upon your brakes’ fitness.

6. Adjusting saddle height

Your pedalling speed and efficiency importantly and mainly depends upon the right adjustment of your saddle height. Getting your saddle height correct is easy to handle, but it needs a little time and patience. If you feel sore knees while cycling, it means your saddle is too low.

7. Check your cables

If the cables on your bike don’t work well rather fail, you will not be able to change gear and stop while riding. Cables get deteriorated over time; they don’t wear out suddenly. Your cables need greasing and lubricating when there is some erosion, especially in winter.

8. Adjusting the handlebar height

You can simply and easily adjust the position of the handlebars of your bike if it’s too high or low. Allen tool is specially used for this purpose. It can help you remove the stem top cap, loosen the stem bolts, and move the spacers to change the position of the stem. In order to refill the stem and then pre-load the headset bearings by tightening the stem top cap to finish all play. Finally, the stem steer bolts need tightening.

Hopefully, all these tips will help you keep your bike in good condition for good.

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