UCI 2019 Road Cycling World Championships: Yorkshire, Great Britain

Britain has decided to shoot itself in the foot (ankle, leg, stomach etc…) by leaving the European Union so, unless we manage to wrestle power from the current lunatics who are attempting to run the asylum that is the UK, come late September 2019 we may need cheering up. And fortunately this might just do that, for a week at least. The full routes have just been announced for the UCI Road Cycling World Championships that will be based here in Yorkshire. Over to the organising committee in Innsbruck:

“The full routes and race schedule for the Yorkshire 2019 UCI Road World Championships have been officially unveiled in Innsbruck (Austria). [I just said that…]

The racing starts on Saturday 21st September with Para-cycling events before the first UCI World Champions are crowned the following day with the maiden Team Time Trial Mixed Relay. This event will replace the separate menโ€™s and womenโ€™s trade team time trials, and will be contested by national teams consisting of three male riders and three female riders. The male athletes will ride first and the women will replace them on the road as soon as the second male rider has crossed the finish line. Final timings will be taken when the second female rider crosses the finish line, with the fastest team declared the winner.

The Yorkshire 2019 programme will continue through until Sunday 29th September with Individual Time Trials and Road Races for Junior (Under 18), Under 23 and Elite male and female riders.

Harrogate will serve as the destination town for every race, with start locations across the county to ensure the Championships reach as many people as possible.”

The full race programme is as follows:

  • Day 1: Saturday 21 September: Beverley-Tadcaster-Wetherby-Harrogate Circuit โ€“ Para-cycling Road Races (C1 Event)
  • Day 2: Sunday 22 September: Harrogate Circuit โ€“ Team Time Trial Mixed Relay โ€“ 28km (two circuits)
  • Day 3: Monday 23 September: Harrogate Circuit โ€“ Women Junior Individual Time Trial โ€“ 14km (one circuit) and Men Junior Individual Time Trial – 28km (two circuits)
  • Day 4: Tuesday 24 September: Ripon to Harrogate โ€“ Men Under 23 Individual Time Trial โ€“ 32.5km (route plus one circuit) and Women Elite Individual Time Trial โ€“ 32.5km (route plus one circuit)
  • Day 5: Wednesday 25 September: Northallerton to Harrogate โ€“ Men Elite Individual Time Trial – 54km (route only)
  • Day 6: Thursday 26 September: Richmond to Harrogate โ€“ Men Junior Road Race โ€“ 144.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Day 7: Friday 27 September: Doncaster to Harrogate โ€“ Women Junior Road Race โ€“ 91.5km (route only) and Men Under 23 Road Race โ€“ 192.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Day 8: Saturday 28 September: Bradford to Harrogate โ€“ Women Elite Road Race โ€“ 149.5km (route plus three circuits)
  • Day 9: Sunday 29 September: Leeds to Harrogate โ€“ Men Elite Road Race โ€“ 284.5km (route plus seven circuits)

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I’ll be out with my EU flag… See you in September 2019!

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