Eroica Montalcino And The Birth Of A Poster

If you want to feature your event on there’s an easy way to do it: send me a cracking poster! It works almost every time and has always worked for Eroica and their ever-expanding list of sportives that have grown out of the original one that took place in Italy. Here’s the new one for the Eroica Montalcino that explores the Province of Siena in May 2019…


…and they’ve even sent me a little description of how they go about designing the posters:

How an Eroica poster is born

“How does an Eroica poster come about? We asked Osvaldo Casanova who designed the posters for Eroica Montalcino over the last three years, and for L’Eroica Gaiole and Eroica Primavera in 2016: “Itโ€™s fairly simple โ€“ according to the illustrator from Vicenza โ€“ for example, this year in Montalcino, we wanted to avoid a photographic reproduction of the event as was done in the past. We wanted to be more imaginative and metaphorical. So, I depicted an explosion of the jerseys that tell the story of cycling. Through this tunnel of colours, the heroic cyclist pedals into the future”.

From Lonigo (Vicenza), forty-seven-year-old Osvaldo Casanova is a publicist, graphic artist, illustrator, copywriter and cartoonist. He works, draws and paints for the music industry, for publishing houses, for sport and for advertising. He has illustrated two short stories, a disc and he paints live concerts. He loves new black felt-tip pens, The Clash, English beer and Lanerossi Vicenza.”

Good work Osvaldo! We love your posters. Rather appropriate that you are called Casanova…

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