Bespoke Touring Bicycles: Woodrup Cycles… On The BBC

Where Cycling Europe goes, the BBC follows… Well, kind of. I first met Andrew Edwards of BBC Radio Leeds way back in 2014 when he interviewed me and another long-distance cyclist Tom Bruce at an event organised by Leeds’ cycling impresario Ian Street (he of Leeds Bicycle Film Club fame) called ‘Night of the Long Rides‘. (It had a great poster that subsequently inspired the covers of the ‘…on a Bike Called Reggie‘ books.) I later appeared on his radio show and then in 2018 I invited him to visit the route of the proposed Ryburn Valley Greenway. It featured on the ‘secret spaces’ portion of his weekend radio show. ‘Secret spaces’ has now been temporarily retired and replaced by ‘made in Yorkshire’. Following my own visit there, I suggested he visit Woodrup Cycles in Leeds and today…

If you are reading this before 8am on March 9th, you’ll be able to listen live to the feature via the Radio Leeds page of the BBC website. It will be repeated tomorrow on Andrew’s early Sunday morning programme and then available for a month on the iPlayer. You can also read about my own visit to Woodrup Cycles last year by continuing to scroll…

UPDATE: Wednesday 11th July 2018


Today I drove over to Leeds to pay a visit to Woodrup Cycles and spent about an hour chatting to one of the guys who works in the shop. It was an interesting conversation and took place whilst standing over this bike (I think). A Rohloff – carbon belt drive combination doesn’t come cheap but it would be great to have on a bespoke tourer. I’d also insist on butterfly bars and probably bigger ‘normal’ size wheels…

After having posted Bespoke Touring Bicycles: The Search Begins (Perhaps) a few days ago, an interesting comment from ‘Chikashi’ about his experience of working with Woodrup Cycles in Leeds which deserves to be elevated to a post in itself. It will make more sense if you read the original post first:

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 09.10.54I am a very satisfied Woodrup customer. Mine is not a tourer but an all roader, which…

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