The Koga E-WorldTraveller Bicycle

I don’t have a great deal to say about this but the Koga E-WorldTraveller bicycle shown here is basically an e-bike version of Wanda, my Koga WorldTraveller Signature. Give me another 20 years and I might be investing but there are more and more eBikes on the road and it’s not just the older generation. I see quite a few younger people cycling them and it no longer seems incongruous. Better a young person on an eBike than in a car!

Cycling The Outer Hebrides: The ‘Ready-To-Pounce’ Plan

So… the Outer Hebrides. I have posted two articles recently about my proposed cycle along the Hebridean Way and, after a nice ride over the Pennine moors this afternoon, I am in the mood for adding a little flesh to the bones of my plan. It’s all weather-dependant of course. I have no wish to travel to the north-western corner of the British Isles if the outlook is not looking that great (I learnt my lesson the hard way back in the ‘summer’ of 2014…) but, whenever I do decide to go, I need to be able to pounce with a plan!

Hot Or Cold Shower After A Bike Ride?

It is one of cycling’s greatest conundrums; greater even than the matter of deciding who is the all-time best cyclist. Or what is the most challenging climb? Or where is the most spectacular ride in the world? The question in question is… A lovely relaxing hot shower after a ride or an energising cold one? For most of us it’s a matter of personal preference, but there are also powerful health arguments for each approach.

Coming Soon: The Return Of The Max And (Now) Varnum Show

A major follow-up episode to the Maximilian J. St. George episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast will be published on the weekend of the 12th-13th June, exactly a year since the publication of the original podcast and almost 113 years since Max set off from his home in America on June 15th 1908. The new episode will be number 035 and will include interviews with Max’s descendants as well as new information about a certain Varnum Parish…

Shapeheart: Magnetic Phone Mount

Shapeheart is the brand that has invented smartphone accessories with a detachable magnetic sleeve! A unique patented magnetic system that holds strong, whatever your activity, and a sleeve compatible with all smartphones. The Shapeheart bike (and scooter) mount allows you to attach your smartphone to your handlebars in a few seconds and be guided by your GPS. No need to take your phone out of your pocket to find your way around.

EuroVelo: The State Of The Network Address

Like Chris Packham of Springwatch fame, I love a good graph or visual that says something in one glance that would take a thousand words to explain. And the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) – the Brussels-based organisation that is responsible for the EuroVelo network have just produced its first ever ‘Route Development Report’. Basically, it’s a ‘state of the nation’ address but limited to the EuroVelo long-distance cycle routes rather than the less important topics such as education, health and defence…