Peaceful Inspiration On Screen

Continuing from the general theme of recent posts, looking forward to cycling (or other) exploits in 2019, trying to put aside the concerns of ageing, this entry in the ever-increasing canon of introduces you to an inspirational film from Lynnea Salvo.

If the name is familiar, it should be as Lynnea is the world-record breaking woman who contacted me a couple of months ago as she is planning to be the oldest woman to ever cycle from Nordkapp to Tarifa, the opposite of what I achieved in 2015 (although I hasten to add that I wasn’t remotely close to being the oldest man to ever do so…).

You can read more of Lynnea’s European plans in this post from 2018. Based upon her experiences of long-distance cycling in North America – as displayed in her film below – she stands a very good chance of achieving her goal in Europe. It may not have the production values of National Geographic or indeed Sir David (see Wednesday’s post) but it’s certainly inspirational.

Sit back and cross Canada for peace with Lynnea Salvo…

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