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A Packing Guide For Cycling In Europe

Cycling through Europe is one of the greatest adventures you can embark on. With your bicycle, passport, and enough motivation, you can make your way down winding roads through German villages and small French towns, finding somewhere new to rest your head each evening. Safety should be a priority when it comes to any type of travel, but especially those that involve high levels of exercise. To ensure you make the most out of your time exploring Europe on two wheels, here is an essential packing guide.

The Best Apps To Use For Any Budding Cyclist

A recent report found that around 20 million bicycles are sold in Europe every year, with the biggest % of cyclists per nation coming via Germany – with just shy of half of all Germans said to cycle more than once a week. This influx of budding cyclists has come during an era where technology is ever-changing, and one key aspect of this being possible is the availability of smartphones.

Cycle Commuting When You Can’t Commute

Over the years, one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked about the long trips across Europe is ‘how did you train? ‘. The answer is easy; I didn’t. Well, not really… What I did do, however, was cycle to work most days each week for many months, years even, before setting off to ride from one extremity of Europe to another. I suspected – and I am think I am correct in saying this – that the biggest challenge of riding long distances over a period of a couple of months or more is not necessarily the distance, it’s the motivation to keep going day after day, irrespective of your mood or the weather. And this is why commuting by bicycle to work each day in the run-up to a long trip is worth its weight in gold.

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Core Benefits Of Cycling

Cycling is an activity that comes along with a whole host of benefits. Even if you have been on a saddle all your life, you may not have taken the time to reflect on some of these advantages and what a big difference they make to so many different aspects of your life. Take a look at this list of some of the core benefits that cycling offers.

The Roads To Sata By Alan Booth

I don’t think this is a spoiler but in the final lines of Alan Booth’s The Roads to Sata (that I have just this afternoon finished reading) he recounts a conversation he’d had with an old man towards the start of his walking journey through Japan that started at the northern extremity of Hokkaido, Cape Soya. The old man explains that you can’t understand Japan by looking at it, walking through it or talking to its people. Booth asks him how, then, do you understand Japan to which the old man answers ‘You can’t understand Japan’. It’s the final line of the book.