Question: The Outer Hebrides? Answer…

A few days ago, I posted an article to about the possibility of visiting The Outer Hebrides this coming summer and cycling the Hebridean Way. The response was one of the best that any article on has ever received. On the website itself and on social media, the comments came in thick and fast and such were their quality that they merit a post of their own. They are collated below but before you read them, I suggest you first of all read the original post that was published on May 23rd.

Summer 2021: The Outer Hebrides?

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I had been sent a copy of The Great British Adventure Map. It’s now on my wall in such a position where, every morning, I spend a few minutes staring at it as I shave. Such is the level of detail that it’s the kind of map that will see me shave my chin many hundreds of times before I have exhausted its facts and figures. In recent days, however, my eyes have been drawn north. North west to be precise to a corner of the map that has had me examining the Outer Hebrides…

Chris Froome Laughs At His Critics But Are They Right To Dismiss Him?

On the face of it, it’s not wrong for a four-time Tour de France winner to laugh off the critics who say that he should retire. Froome, one of Britain’s most successful cyclists, has put his body through decades of ferocious competition and intensity to build a bulletproof legacy.  But, while the Olympic silver medallist is saying all the right words, they appear to be hollower than they sound. Performances never lie, and Froome’s haven’t been steady or spectacular, which suggests that the people doubting him could be on to something.  

From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads (Revisited)

“When the long cycle tour is over, what next? Well, after a cold beer, a gluttonous meal and a fourteen hour snooze it’s hastily back to reality. You can just let the memories live on in your mind, which is perhaps most satisfying of all, or you can try and share the joys of the ride with others. When I completed my trip following a David Bowie song lyric 2700 miles ‘From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads’ following the Starman’s musical and artistic legacy across Europe, I opted for the latter.”

The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 033 – Mat And Harriet Hall – UK To Istanbul / Robin Watkins – Czechia

In this episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast we are pointing our wheels in the direction of Istanbul. In pre-COVID Europe, Mat and Harriet Hall headed off on their first long-distance cycle tour along the EuroVelo 15 to Switzerland before hooking up with the EuroVelo 6 to Romania and then finally following the EuroVelo 13 to Turkey. They have now turned their adventure into a series of films that document the highs and occasional lows of life on the road. Plus: this month’s monologue comes from Robin Watkins who recounts his travels through the towns and villages of Czechia.