My Secret Space

Autumn trees, fields and colours in my ‘secret space’. Well, it feels that way as I have never met anyone whilst walking or occasionally cycling along its path… The best thing of all? It’s only two minutes from my front door (if I walk quickly).

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  1. Yes, we sometimes overlook lovely stuff round the corner from where we live! I’m reminded of Mike Parker’s recent book (about walking), The Wild Rover.

    He starts the book aiming to write about tramping the Wainwright Coast to Coast, but gets demotivated by his first couple of days, and abandons the route. Instead, he walks the network of paths on OS maps round where he lives, and has a great time discovering all these nooks and crannies of the landscape he’s never explored behfore, and turns the book into a celebration of that.

    I’d love to see someone write a cycling equivalent..!

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