VIDAJE – Behind The Gaze Of The (Cycling) Nomad

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to set off one day on your bike… and just keep going. Some people do it. The extreme example would be the German chap who kept cycling around the world for much of his life and when he returned, his home town gave him a house to live in for the rest of his days. I can’t see my local council here in the UK being so benevolent should I decide to disappear on two wheels until the day my knees conk out. Anyway, this is all prompted by a message from a chap called Albert Sans.

“Hi, Iโ€™m Albert a nomad traveling with bicycle since 2011โ€ฆ
I want to introduce to you my documentary: โ€จVIDAJE – Behind the gaze of the nomad… that summarises 7 years of adventures, thoughts, photographs, self composed songsโ€ฆโ€จโ€จ”

I can’t quite pin down where Albert comes from – somewhere in Spain or South America I’m guessing – but for someone who describes himself as a ‘nomad’, that’s perhaps appropriate.

Here’s the trailer for his film:

The complete film – with subtitles in English – is now available on Vimeo and there are more details about the documentary on Albert’s website.

“It has been a titanic solo job, without any sponsors or help. I’ve spent 7 months editing, using thousands of images and photographs and adding a soundtrack using my own songs.”

It’s hard to imagine how you can distil 7 years of your life into just over an hour but I fully intend finding out this weekend when I sit down and watch the whole thing.

And then I’ll start planning my own 7-year escape. Perhaps…

[Note Albert’s use of butterfly bars…]


Albert, his bike and his kit (and his guitar, his flippers…)

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