Cycling In The Rain: Love It Or Loathe It? The Results Are In…

After a short period of excessively high temperatures here in the UK, the summer has returned to its default setting of cool and wet. Today is very wet and, as I stood at the bus stop hiding from the raindrops, I started reflecting upon the fact that I don’t mind cycling in the rain and am looking forward to doing so for the first time on Wanda the WorldTraveller. I always think a bike works better in damp conditions as everything gets lubrictaed; the funny noises, squeaks, clicks often disappear, albeit temporarily. Perhaps I’m speaking nonsense but that’s the feeling I get. And I’m not saying that given the choice of a nice warm sunny day and a wet one I would opt for the latter; simply that when it does happen, I quite like it. Does this make me weird amongst cyclists? I ran a Twitter poll to find out and it threw up some interesting responses.

First of all the result of the poll:

It was a close run thing but at least I’m not alone in my love of cycling, sometimes, in the rain. Indeed I was on the winning side, just… Below are a selection of some of the comments that people made:

Any thoughts of your own?

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  1. Nothing like cycling in the rain after a long dry spell in summer. The smell of the vegetation and the feel of the land being refreshed is gorgeous.
    I’m not keen on it when it’s cold though.

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