Crossing Europe… Via Mexico

I’m occasionally tweeted a picture of one of the books in far off locations. The latest addition to the collection is from Thomas Soininen – @dvlrnr – who is from Tallinn in Estonia. Here he is, book in hand, on a beach in Mexico. The books have travelled […]

Cycling Europe At The Edinburgh Festival Of Cycling

Following last weekend’s Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe, this year’s Cycling Europe speaking tour moves on to… Edinburgh in June: I’ll be speaking on June 8th at 6.30pm in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar (!)… …and tickets can be purchased via the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling website. More generally, […]

Science, By Bike

You’re cycling down the road and you see something ahead of you on the tarmac. It’s not moving and appears somewhat flattened. Rubbish? Horse shit? A hub cap? You get a little closer and discover it’s none of these… it’s a hedgehog. Or rather it was. As the […]