National Poetry Day: The 10.19

The 10.19 from Bradford to Leeds It’s a train, not a bike But for the sake to National Poetry Day Let’s imagine That I’m cycling Speeding down the superhighway (That they have built) Except, I’m told It’s a bit of an obstacle course for cyclists Perhaps the train […]

Cycling UK: Too Close For Comfort

As someone who experiences close passes almost every time I ride my bike, I hope you don’t mind me sharing this letter that’s just arrived from Cycling UK… “Dear Andrew, Support our campaign to help end close passes today! As cyclists, we all know that horrible feeling of a […]

Cycle 300: Update

An update on my efforts to cycle 300 miles in September for Cancer Research UK. Date Time Miles Climb 9/12/2018 31:42:00 5.22 231 9/12/2018 28:43:00 5.31 168 9/11/2018 45:03:00 7.24 279 9/11/2018 25:38:00 4.97 151 9/9/2018 57:06:00 9.68 315 9/7/2018 28:00:00 5.33 168 9/6/2018 2:42:50 31.71 788 9/5/2018 […]

Welcome To… Fort William

There’s enough in and around Fort William – the local town to Ben Nevis – to keep the average man occupied for a day. I’m an average man and it has kept me occupied until 4pm. The campsite is at the foot of Ben Nevis itself… …and I […]

Happy 10th Birthday!

This website is in celebratory mood… Much of what you can find online is ephemeral; here today, gone tomorrow and, often, that’s no bad thing. I note, in passing,  that the list of antonyms of ‘ephemeral‘ include words such as ‘permanent‘, ‘perpetual‘ and even (goodness!) ‘eternal‘. Well, […]