I escaped today’s further descent into right-wing populism… (I mean… why? What has happened? Wasn’t the referendum and then that idiot Trump enough? Now ‘you’ – probably not ‘you’ personally but I can’t exclude the possibility that some visitors to are utterly stupid – think all your problems will be solved by another millionaire Eton and Oxford-educated ex-member of the Bullingdon Club? That pot-holed road? Your crap housing estate? Your under-funded school? You think he cares? Really?) …by going for a long ride on Wanda. The longest yet, in four parts:

About 85km in total based around a trip back to CycleSense in Tadcaster for the new Koga WorldTraveller to receive a few tweaks, punctuated with a couple of train journeys. I also popped into Evans in Leeds to buy these:

They look quite plastic-y in this picture but aren’t. Some fiddling is required with the cleats – not quite comfortable yet – but I’ll get there.

And I mean… Liz Truss? We’re doomed. And to think they fooled 52% of people into blaming the EU for the problems caused by decades of under-investment by British governments. Genius!

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