‘Unboxing’ The Koga WorldTraveller-S Bicycle

There are clearly going to be quite a few posts about the new bike. Apologies… First up is me ‘unboxing’ the Koga WorldTraveller-S. Not actually ‘unboxing’ the bicycle – that was done by CycleSense in Tadcaster – just me examining all the bits and pieces that came with the bike from Koga and the manufacturers of the saddle (Brooks), belt drive (Gates), hub gear (Rohloff) and lights (Luxos). Perhaps more questions than answers… If you are able to answer any of them, please let me know!

I am in the process of putting together a podcast about the process of buying the Koga WorldTraveller-S and related matters. It should be available to stream or download within the next couple of days: keep watching this space! (Catch up on previous podcasts here.)


Categories: Adventure, Cycling, Video

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    • I’ll let you know. Incidentally… I don’t know why I have to approve each of your comments. Sorry about that. Usually I have to moderate an email once and then every subsequent comment is automatically authorised. I have no idea why it doesn’t happen with yours.


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