Cruising The Rhine: Day 1 – Strasbourg

The ship hasn’t been far today; an early morning arrival in Strasbourg (from Mannheim – see previous post…) and we’ve been moored here – adjacent to the EuroVelo 15 of all things – ever since. Rainy outside but I did spend an amiable few hours wandering the streets of the old town, dodging the showers. Yesterday, a survey by Le Point magazine declared Strasbourg to be the prettiest town in France; it’s not difficult to see why, even when it’s wet. I’ll come back to the cycling in a few moments but here are a few shots of my stroll around that most attractive of grandes villes:

Strasbourg is clearly a cycling city. It has more in common to cities in the low countries than your average European urban area. Good quality cycling facilities, lots of pro-cycling messages and, crucially, lots of cyclists. Even on a wet day like today. Well done Strasbourg!

Here’s a lengthy stretch of cycle path by the river Ill. Perfect example of the equation: well designed + well built + well marked + well signposted + well maintained = well used. Towns and cities elsewhere take not…

Part of the EuroVelo 15?

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