“Cyclists: Scourge Of The Streets?”: The Thoughts Of Rob Ainsley

By Rob Ainsley

I forced myself to watch it, and it was indeed cheap, shabby, lowest-common-denominator, shouty, dim-witted drivel: clickbait for aggressive, bigoted simpletons. I’m happy to record my anger here, and in other cycle forums, but I’ve no intention of encouraging the nonentities in the production company behind this nonsense by any public comments they’d ever see. That’s playing their game.

I’ve worked in crap telly, and I know their type: bubbly, attractive, self-confident, middle-class half-wits who have every idea about the meeja and no idea about science, history or facts. They think Newton’s Laws is a police drama, they think Pearl Harbour was a jazz singer, they think Twitterstorms are a confirmation of their cleverness.

So, what do we do about it – us sensible, decent people who happen to cycle, who probably also drive a car sometimes, who just want to share the road that we all pay for, and get to where we’re going safely and pleasantly without stupid arguments with prejudiced idiots? We can’t *all* move to the Netherlands.

All I can suggest is that we keep on doing what we’re doing, and don’t play the bullies’ game by over-reacting. We keep cycling, we keep blogging and writing positively, we keep smiling. And – now that the admirable Mr Boardman et al have produced their own effective rebuff to this waste of airtime – we give the programme-shaped-objects like Channel 5’s pathetic effort the public attention it deserves. Nothing.

Thanks Rob.

The comments above by Rob Ainsley were written in response to the post earlier this week – Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets – here on It is interesting to note that this morning the BBC is reporting the following:

Read the full story here

I make no other comment.

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