“Another Well Narrated Story With Gentle Humour And Clear Observation; A Pleasure To Read”

A few years ago, this website – – was awash with reviews of one or another of my books. Indeed I dare say that if you chose to stroll back through the tagged archive for either Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie, Along The Med on a Bike Called Reggie or Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie, you would find many of them amongst the nearly 3,000 posts* on the site. Don’t believe what some authors will tell you; of course they read the reviews and they do care about them. Their frequency has, however, reduced significantly so when one does appear – as one did today – it’s especially nice. It also gives me an excuse to summarise the most recent reader comments…

“I read the third book of Andrew’s cycle rides a couple of years ago. I intended to read the others somewhat before now. Happily this first account is another well narrated story with Andrew’s gentle humour and clear observation a pleasure to read. I still have no interest in cycling or travelling abroad but I am going to order the second account immediately.”

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“Looking forward to catching up on further adventures of Reggie. Would recommend as a holiday read especially if you feel energetic!”

“Written wittily playing down such an achievement resulting in a really enjoyable read.”

“I would recommend this book to anybody interested in travel. I don’t cycle but I still enjoyed it very much.”

Get your copy of ‘Along The Med…’ here!

“I enjoyed this book very much.”

“Full of mini adventures, colourful characters and occasional mishaps : Andrew is an engaging writer, excellent raconteur such that you can see and smell the sights and odours he describes.”

“My favourite book so far I could pick it up and imagine every pedal stroke. Inspiring as always.”

Get your copy of ‘Spain to Norway…’ here!

*In case you were wondering, this post is number 2,978. It would be wonderful if post 3,000 were written and uploaded from one of this summer’s cycling destinations; the east coast of Yorkshire, the Isle of Wight, Spain or Portugal. Time will tell…


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