Danny Macaskill: Stunt Cycling Meets Cute

Another fantastic video from Danny Macaskill (it seems a while since I saw the last one…). It’s a very cute film, or rather stars a very cute little girl who has fun in Danny’s trailer. It’s a shame that they tell us explicitly that she wasn’t actually on board during the stunts. I think we knew that anyway but sometimes, it’s better not to have these things confirmed. We know that Daniel Craig doesn’t really fly planes into buildings and jump from trains. Anyway, good fun and worthy of 4 minutes of your time. Perhaps a few small children will be in for some exciting rides this summer as their parents attempt to replicate Danny’s cycling feats. And perhaps that’s the reason why the reminder was needed…

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  1. my son showed me this yesterday and we laughed. unfortunately in these days of political correctness/health and safety, if they didn’t put the disclaimer there would be complainers. looking forward to the weekend,

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