The UK’s Top Ten Cycling Blogs

Today, on a day that “number 10” is on everyone’s mind, I’m channeling Geraint Thomas and I’m with the Welshman at number 2… If you like your numbers, keep reading. This is post number 2,990 on I’m hoping that post number 3,000 will be published during my cycle along the Yorkshire coast section of the EuroVelo 12 the week after next but time will tell. And after all those posts, I’m delighted to announce that, according to the people at Vuelio, this website – yes, the one that you are reading right now – is the UK’s number 2 cycling blog. It’s not the first time has appeared in the top ten list, but it’s never been so high. Next year number one? You never know… In the meantime, the other nine websites in the list are worthy of mention and here [cue TOTP top ten countdown music] are those top ten sites: The UK’s number 2 #cycling #blog

1The Inner Ring – YOU ARE HERE ALREADY!!
3Wiggle Blog
4The Washing Machine Post
5Bikes N’ Stuff
6The Ranty Highwayman
7Epic Road Rides
9As Easy As Riding A Bike
10The Bike Show

You can read the original Vuelio list here.

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