EuroVelo12 – Yorkshire, Day 3: Scarborough To Whitby

Whitby this evening was just beautiful…

…and after writing this I’ll be heading back outside to cool down. The weather today was sublime, especially if you happened to be cycling. I’m not sure I have the energy to write too much this evening. Bullet points might have to suffice:

– Annoying snorer in the dorm in Scarborough. My thoughts were summed up by my near neighbour on the adjacent lower bunch at around 3am when he uttered “for f**ks sake”.

– Breakfast in central Scarborough via two ‘Danish’ pastries although I suspect the Danes might not have recognised them as their own

– Found the Cinder Track, complete with motivational quote although I’m not sure why it was there – it wasn’t connected to the cycle track itself. The last time I saw this was on a wall in Salamanca and I used it as the opening quote in ‘Spain to Norway…’. Now that I’m riding a bike called Wanda, it seems even more appropriate:

– Set off along said Cinder Track. For the first few kilometres from the centre of Scarborough it was more the ‘dodgy tarmac track’ that made for a rough ride but then the cinders kicked in and the rest, as they say, is history… Here’s the earlier video once again:

Sorry. I haven’t the energy to type any more. As for tomorrow, at the moment things are very weather dependent. Watch this space!

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