Cruising The Rhine: Day 3 – Koblenz And The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress

A relaxing morning in Koblenz during which nothing bicycle- or cycling-related happened (well, apart from me finding the first EuroVelo 15 sign…). So it’s just the sightseeing today I’m afraid. The Rough Guide didn’t big up the city – “not many attractions” – but I found a sufficient number to keep me going… I have still to fathon out what the heck was going on at the fortress. Watch the video; perhaps you can fill me in…

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  1. Three times I’ve cycled through Koblenz and on each occasion I’ve not had time to take the cablecar up to the fortress. Nice view of Rheineck where the Mosel meets the Rhine.

  2. From memory (it’s a long time ago) there a legend about some sort of siren luring men to three death around Koblenz?
    It’s a beautiful valley and the hilltop castles are very dramatic.
    What a fantastic opportunity Andrew

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