An Encounter With An Outspoken Cyclist

I’m not so outspoken although the ridiculous shooting-yourself-in-the-foot nonsense that is Brexit gets my blood boiling and my current issues with Vodafone have me using creative language that would shock your grandmother, and then there’s the idiots who park on cycle lanes* and the pavement – often both… Let’s start again. I’m not usually outspoken. But this week I had a chat with the self-proclaimed ‘outspoken cyclist’ of North America, Diane Jenks. She hosts a long-running podcast called The Outspoken Cyclist and in this week’s programme, I am one of her guests. You can listen to the whole episode below, but before we get to that bit, listen to this:

Wow! The Cycling Europe Podcast needs a jingle like that! Anyway… Diane was a delight and we chatted over the course of about 40 minutes about the long rides, the bikes, the books, the website, the podcast… My part of the podcast starts at 22 minutes but don’t just listen to me, have a listen to the first part of the podcast as well where Diane interviews John Stacks from the Specialized Foundation.

You can find out more about The Outspoken Podcast on Diane’s website, Facebook page and the podcast can be downloaded via iTunes or your preferred podcast purveyor!

“My first guest is Jon Stacks, the STEM and science liaison for the Specialized Foundation.

Founded by Specializedโ€™s Mike Sinyard, the organization was founded to bring cycling to middle school children โ€“ especially those suffering from ADHD.

Jon, who comes from a science background, will fill us in on what current research is telling us about the effects that riding a bicycle have on children, especially those diagnosed with ADHD and other similar issues. These findings came as nothing new to Mike Sinyard as he experienced the effects of ADHD pretty much his entire life and then saw them arise in his son Anthony.

Recently, the foundation has undergone a rebranding โ€“ now being called โ€“ and Jon will tell us why and what the hopes are for the future.

Then, weโ€™ll take a trip across the pond to talk with long distance cyclist Andrew P. Sykes. Back in 2010, Andrew was a French teacher with a summer break ahead of him and decided to take a bike trip with Reggie, the name he gave his Ridgeback bicycle.

That first trip and some encouragement he received from someone who was vicariously following along while awaiting the birth of her daughter by reading his blog each day, has since turned into three trips, three books, a blog, a podcast, videos, speaking engagements, and โ€ฆ listen in for a great conversation!”

Diane Jenks,

New episodes of The Cycling Europe Podcast are coming up over the summer focussing on the trips to the Far East (that’s Hull, Beverley, Scarborough, Whitby and Middlesbrough…), the Isle of Wight and, of course, northern Spain and Portugal. Catch up on previous episodes via this page of

*I’ve been at it again… This was en route to work today. Perhaps I am an outspoken cyclist after all.

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  1. Nice interview the the Outspoken Cyclist. Safe travels and hereโ€™s to under planning and letting the days unfold naturally.

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