Cycling Europe 2019: Day 8, Potes To Riaño

What a day! This post may or may not contain the usual video summary. It seems that I have no space remaining on my iPhone to store the edited video (to subsequently upload to YouTube) but the finest technical minds are working to solve the issue. Well, I tweeted my problem and two guys – Peter & Keith – have given me hope that it’s not an insurmountable problem. But back to the cycling… What you can look at right here and now are the statistics – follow this link – and the impressive route profile that I generated:

OK, it was ‘only’ a cycle of around 55 km but when you bear in mind that for the first 28 km or so I was on a continuous ascent, I hope you appreciate the effort that was involved. I took this screenshot when I arrived at the Puerto de San Gloria:

Glorious indeed. If you wouldn’t mind giving me a ripple of applause at this point… [insert applause] …thanks. It puts the longest continuous ascent in England – Cragg Vale in my neck of the woods in Yorkshire – into humbling perspective. There’s good progress on the video front by the way. Keep holding in there…. And it’s there, or here even. It’s an epic watch at nearly 10 minutes so pause Pointless for a few moments and enjoy:

The final shot of the video… here it is again for those of you with short memories (or who just weren’t interested in watching in the first place…):

…is what I’m currently looking at as I type. About to eat so enjoy your evening and see you mañana!

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  1. A very impressive ride and a great video. I drove this route earlier in the year – for those less masochistic than yourself I can recommend taking the car for a great driving experience.

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