Cycling The Isle Of Wight: The Plan

I’ve mentioned the upcoming trip to Spain and Portugal a few times here on recently, but I haven’t yet said much about what I’ll be doing immediately beforehand, which is spending two days and two nights cycling and camping on the Isle of Wight. Here’s the basic plan in video form:

The short trip is at the invitation of Visit Isle of Wight, the local tourist authority but they’ve given me free rein to plan my cycle. It’s a basic itinerary involving the ferry from Southampton to East Cowes on Sunday lunchtime, a cycle along the National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 67 to The Needles and then along the south-west coast of the island to Brighstone Bay. I’ll camp there overnight and on Monday morning head for a place called Broxall which is, I believe, the start of the Red Squirrel Trail, also known as NCN Route 23. This will take me north to Newport before a return trip to Cowes where I will back in the tent before an early-morning ferry to the mainland. That’s where the fun starts as I endeavour to travel from Southampton to Plymouth for the ferry to Santander in northern Spain. Watch this space!

If you have any Isle of Wight recommendations, please let me know either here on with a comment to this post or via social media on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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