The Art Of Camping

The weather report from the Cycle Touring Festival in Clitheroe is not great this Sunday morning. Somewhat reminiscent of Switzerland in August 2010; very wet but not that cold. (More details in ‘Crossing Europe…‘.) Yesterday, however… Beautiful!

Danny Macaskill: Stunt Cycling Meets Cute

Another fantastic video from Danny Macaskill (it seems a while since I saw the last one…). It’s a very cute film, or rather stars a very cute little girl who has fun in Danny’s trailer. It’s a shame that they tell us explicitly that she wasn’t actually on […]

England 4, Pakistan 0

A good end-of-series win yesterday at Headingley in Leeds for the English cricket team. It stands them in good stead for the upcoming World Cup. A post that has little to do with cycling but it did occur to me yesterday as I headed back to the train […]

Buying A Touring Bike: The Thoughts Of David Sinclair

Another post in the context of ‘investing in’ a new touring bicycle. A reminder that a few weeks ago I ordered a custom-built Koga Signature WorldTraveller touring bike from CycleSense in Tadcaster. Since then, I’ve been reflecting on the process and some of the component parts; the handlebars for one and the front dynamo hub that generates electricity for another. David Sinclair provided some very interesting advice on the latter point and he’s been in touch again in response to me asking why he went down the route of not purchasing a Koga and opting for a custom-made Hewitt bicycle.

Much Ado About Cycling

The HandleBards are a unique cycling theatre company, who carry all of their set props and costumes on the back of their bicycles, performing charmingly chaotic Shakespeare’s plays at outdoor venues all across the UK.

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes Art Garfunkel Is it a kind of a dream  Floating out on the tide  Following the river of death downstream  Oh, is it a dream?  There’s a fog along the horizon  A strange glow in the sky  And nobody seems to know where it goes  And […]