An Encounter With An Outspoken Cyclist

I’m not so outspoken although the ridiculous shooting-yourself-in-the-foot nonsense that is Brexit gets my blood boiling and my current issues with Vodafone have me using creative language that would shock your grandmother, and then there’s the idiots who park on cycle lanes* and the pavement – often both… […]

The F10 Xenon UL2+ V. The KarTent

I love my F10 Xenon UL2+ (it’s a tent, not a fighter jet…): But how about one of these? They are from a company called KarTent: Here’s a report from BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat about how they could revolutionise the throw-away culture of festival tents. Interesting… Which do […]

Wanda WorldTraveller: Ready To Wander…

Yesterday I put the final pieces into the jigsaw that is the new cycle touring set-up as I refitted the panniers and installed an old-style (well, pre-smartphone) odometer (which is far more practical that said phone to monitor distances and speed without unlocking the phone). The east coast […]

The UK’s Top Ten Cycling Blogs

Today, on a day that “number 10” is on everyone’s mind, I’m channeling Geraint Thomas and I’m with the Welshman at number 2… If you like your numbers, keep reading. This is post number 2,990 on I’m hoping that post number 3,000 will be published during my […]


I escaped today’s further descent into right-wing populism… (I mean… why? What has happened? Wasn’t the referendum and then that idiot Trump enough? Now ‘you’ – probably not ‘you’ personally but I can’t exclude the possibility that some visitors to are utterly stupid – think all your […]