Celebrity Race Across The World: Sound Familiar?

Eight years after I cycled from the southernmost point of Europe at Tarifa in southern Spain to the continent’s northernmost point at Nordkapp in Norway, it seems a group of celebrities are following along a similar route. Kind of. Admittedly they are not cycling, they are not starting at Tarifa and not finishing at Nordkapp and following a very different route but let’s not quibble… They are still going to be crossing the continent from bottom to top, almost. Their journey will start in Morocco and will finish short of the northernmost point at Tromsรธ in Norway (why not go all the way to Nordkapp?) It will be interesting to watch.

“Starting in Marrakech, Morocco, the most north-western country in Africa, and ending in Tromsรธ, Norway, known as the Arctic capital, the epic journey will span 24 countries and over 10,000 km. The route will see the pairs race through every landscape and culture that this part of the world has to offer: from the great North African city of Marrakech, through the seaside ports and beaches of the Mediterranean, to unrivalled historic and cosmopolitan cities, the mighty Alps, unexplored Central Europe, the fairy-tale Baltic States, and snowy Scandinavia.”

BBC Media Centre

Here’s the summary of what I did:

“With two European cycling adventures already under his belt, Andrew was ready for a new challenge. Exchanging his job as a teacher in Oxfordshire for an expedition on Reggie the bike, he set off on his most daring trip yet: a journey from Tarifa in Spain to Nordkapp in Norway โ€“ from Europeโ€™s geographical south to its northernmost point.

Join the duo as they take on an epic journey across nearly 8000 km of Europe, through mountains, valleys, forests and the open road, proving that no matter where youโ€™re headed, life on two wheels is full of surprises.”

Read all about it in the book, Spain to Norway


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