Five Cycling Trends Shaping 2023

By Sam West

The cycling industry is constantly evolving, and as the mode of travel has become ever more popular in recent years, the pace of innovation and change has been ramping up in kind. Keeping a finger on the pulse of change can be tough though, so if you’re wondering what this year has in store for the cycling scene, here are five big trends to watch out for.


A blend of cycling and minimalist camping, bikepacking sees cyclists venture out on multi-day trips, carrying their gear in specially designed bike bags. 

Road cyclists have embraced this trend over the past few years and will likely continue to do so. That’s because it allows them to explore new routes, challenge themselves, and experience the thrill of heading on a long-distance adventure where it’s just you, your bike, and the open road.

Cycling holidays abroad

The reopening of the tourism industry post Covid has led many cyclists to put their dream holiday plans abroad into action. 

Cycling abroad can be a huge amount of fun, letting you experience amazing and novel places, up close and personal, all while enjoying the cuisine, sights, and experiences we usually enjoy on holiday. 

Of course, it’s important to keep safe when you’re away too. Cycling holidays are great fun, but insurance can help keep your bike safe, so consider taking out a policy before you travel. This sort of cover can replace your bike if it’s stolen or damaged, and make sure you get the best medical care if you’re unlucky enough to be in an accident.

Aero optimization

Aerodynamics have always been crucial in road cycling, but there will continue to be a growing emphasis on aerodynamic optimisation throughout this year.

Manufacturers are designing bikes with more aerodynamic frames, integrated components, and specialised accessories (such as aero helmets and clothing) to reduce wind resistance and improve speed.


eBikes are becoming ever more popular as commuters cotton on to the benefits of the new technology. 

With bikes packing larger batteries, more charge and lower prices, and more cycling infrastructure making cities easier to traverse on two wheels, hopping in the saddle is no longer being seen as a more athletic way of getting from A to B.

Virtual cycling

With the rise of indoor training platforms like Zwift and Peloton, virtual cycling has become a popular pastime and emerging trend. Cyclists can participate in virtual races, group rides, and training sessions from the comfort of their homes, using smart trainers and virtual reality software to simulate outdoor riding conditions. Perfect for when it’s freezing cold and hailing outside!

Biking is changing, with all sorts of tech and trends changing how we enjoy life on the saddle. Will you be partaking in any of the trends we’ve listed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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