view of edinburgh from calton hill

London Edinburgh London 2025

The UK’s ultimate cycling challenge, London Edinburgh London, is up for grabs again in 2025. If you’re dreaming of pedaling 950 miles in under 125 hours, join the entry ballot opening on 3 November 2023. It’s not a race but a true endurance test attracting international participants. Entries can support each other, find solace and food at 22 checkpoints and face the challenge together. Hurry up, places are in high demand and filling up rapidly! Ready, set, pedal!

a view of a city at sunset with a church in the background

“Freiburg Is Wonderful For Cycling”

So says cycling contact Simon Johnson, and watching the video that he pointed me in the direction of, it’s not difficult to see why. It’s one of those ‘watch and weep’ videos I’m afraid from the perspective of anyone who lives in the UK… I must add it to the list of places to visit; it’s not far from the Rhine. (Zermatt also gets a mention in the video! I have been there – it’s a car-free town in the Swiss Alps – and I mention it to anyone who claims we can’t remove cars from British towns and cities…)

cheerful cyclist on bicycle in daytime

How To Organise A Fun Cycling Race For Amateurs

Lucy Hudson offers a comprehensive guide on organizing a local cycling race to uplift community spirit. Laying out an effective plan includes grabbing necessary permits and ensuring safety. She emphasizes the importance of trophies in elevating the experience, and suggests using Medal Studio’s customized offerings. The crucial aspects of building a challenging, scenic yet safe route are also covered. Additionally, she stresses the importance of volunteers, who should know their roles well before the event.

…And I’m Back!

I last wrote something for the website about a month ago, way back on the 23rd September in the run-up to the Cycle Touring Festival. Since then, I’ve been a little busy with cycling and non-cycling matters. Hopefully this post brings everything up-to-date as autumn gradually edges towards […]

Wheeling Towards Sustainability: Exploring The World’s Top Bicycle-Friendly Cities

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is the number one place to cycle, but you don’t have to travel all the way to the Netherlands to get on your two wheels. In these bicycle-friendly cities, cycling is more than just a means of transportation; it’s a way of life that promotes eco-conscious living. These urban areas have demonstrated that investing in cycling infrastructure not only reduces carbon emissions but also creates healthier and happier communities. By choosing bicycles over cars, residents of these cities are not only helping the environment but also reaping the many personal benefits of cycling.

The Cycle Touring Festival 2023: Next weekend!

The 2023 ‘in-person’ (as opposed to online) Cycle Touring Festival is only a week away! Taking place in Clitheroe and now in its 9th year, it will gather together the cycle touring community (or a small part of it) at Waddow Hall for two days of talks, discussions and kit comparison. All washed down with good food and beer. I have nothing to say this year and am not speaking (although I am leading the discussion on ‘France’ which will hopefully have more input from the audience than from me).