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How To Choose The Perfect eBike For Your Lifestyle

By Matthew Bell

Are you considering purchasing an ebike but have not decided what kind would be best? There are many things to consider when buying an ebike, such as portability, budget, the type of ebike, and your purpose for getting one. Ebikes are also quite costly. Doing as much research as possible before committing to an ebike would be a good idea.ย 

The Different Types of Ebikes

When looking through sites like Crooked Path eBikes, one of the first things you should consider is the type of ebike. There are three main types of electric bikes, and they now also have ebikes available in full suspension and off-road. The three main ones also can be integrated to have an ebike that can have one or two of these options together. Let’s look at all of them, including suspension and off-road.ย 

  • Pedal-Only: The pedal-only version allows the rider to operate the bike manually at any time. Pedal-only ebikes are perfect for beginners and come in 3 or 8 gears. 
  • Pedal Assist: Pedal assist ebikes allows the rider to use both the electric power and their pedaling ability. The motor will run gently as you petal, and you can switch gears as the terrain changes. There are three different levels of assistance available: low (30%), medium (60%), and high (100%).
  • Electric-Only: If you opt for an electric-only ebike, it will do all the work for you. To activate the electric-only mode, twist the throttle on the left handlebar. You’ll have to keep it turned to continue moving, or you can let go if you want to pedal yourself. 
  • Suspension: Full suspension ebikes are electric bikes with front and rear suspension shocks. These shocks work together to absorb the bumps you come across on rough terrain. This type of ebike has a much smoother ride.
  • Off-Road: The only difference between regular ebikes and off-road ebikes is that off-road ebikes are specially designed for more advanced riders that plan to take on a lot of rough terrain. Off-road ebikes can also be a much more expensive investment. 

How Portable Do You Want Your Ebike to be?

There are foldable ebikes available for those that are always on the move. A folding ebike is made to be able to fold for easy transferring. These ebikes utilize 20-inch wheels, which helps with their ability to downsize. Regular electric bicycles will not be able to do this. 

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

As mentioned before, ebikes are a costly investment. The silver lining is that there are cheaper ebikes out there. The average range of prices for an ebike can be anywhere from $400 up to $20,000. There is a lot of wiggle room there. Anyone should be able to find an ebike on their budget.

What Do You Want it for?

If you only want an ebike to commute to work or to exercise more, a regular ebike will do the trick. You will also save more money by not getting all the bells and whistles. An off-road or suspension ebike would be more suitable for those that like to go on adventures in rough terrains. Unfortunately, those bikes will cost more.

It wouldnโ€™t be a good idea to suddenly order an ebike without considering these things. Anything good should be well thought out and planned. You wouldn’t want to spend a ton of money on something you will never use. 


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  1. I bought mine from www. electricbikeworld.com in Southampton 9 years ago . It’s like a Rolls Royce . A terrific well made bike with good aftersales ..love it.

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