New Cycling Film: The Engine Inside

This looks good. A film about cyclists that crosses the globe to tell a simple truth that the humble bicycle is the answer to many problems faced by humanity. Thanks to cycling acquaintance Simon Johnson for pointing me in its direction. Alas none of the showings are near me in the north of England. Letโ€™s hope it goes online soon.

Narrated by the voice of cycling, Phil Liggett. Featuring Jay Bearhead, Nourah Salah, RRDBlocks, Janice Tower, Megan Hottman and Kwabena Danso. With Danny MacAskill and Robert Gesink.

Follow six everyday people from vastly different worlds who dedicate their lives to a simple, 200-year-old machine. Their trials and tribulations reveal the bicycle’s unique power to change lives and help build a better world.

Covering many different global issuesโ€”from climate change and indigenous trauma to socio-economic inequality and more livable cities โ€”The Engine Inside sparks hope and agency in everyone it touches.

For almost a century now, weโ€™ve suffered the unforeseen consequences of a car-consumed culture. But because of a global pandemic, the transformative power of the bike is finally starting to take hold.


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