The Generation Of Connected Watches for Cyclists 

Wristwatches have been around for generations. They come in many forms, to suit many purposes. Some of them rely on classic mechanical principles, while others offer cutting-edge digital features. If you’re engaged in any physical activity, then the so-called ‘smartwatch’ is sure to be of interest. A modern smartwatch can provide information about your performance, which you can later use to troubleshoot and improve. 

For cyclists, the case for the smartwatch is particularly compelling.

Why cyclists need connected watches

A smartwatch heart rate and location in the world. Using these data, it can provide you with calories burned, time in the saddle, and longer-term goals achieved. You can thereby track your improvement as if your fitness were an ongoing business project.

Doing all of this needn’t mean compromising on style or quality, since many big-name watchmakers have gotten in on the act. TAG Heuer Connected watches, for example, provide smart features in an unmistakable high-quality package. You’ll be able to change the strap to suit your cycling adventures, sacrificing style for comfort and durability.

Cyclists might also seek to stay connected to their social lives while in the saddle. A smartwatch will allow you to read text messages. This might seem like a safety problem – but provided you’re bringing the bike to a stop, it’s actually very convenient. You’ll be spared the possibility of dropping your phone onto the concrete: just leave it in your bag, and start peddling. 

It’s worth also mentioning that a smart watch will allow you to control the music you’re listening to. So, if you want to skip a given track, you can do it fairly easily.

What does a quality connected watch offer a cyclist?

So, what separates the best smart watches from the rest? What features should we be looking for?


One capability that’s only recently come to the market is the automated emergency contact system, which is already offered on many smartphones. If you’ve fallen off the bike and aren’t moving, it will contact the relevant emergency services with your location. Since it can see your pulse, it might also be able to provide crucial information. 

Smartphone integration 

Bluetooth has come a very long way in recent years. The aforementioned TAG Connected line is not only able to access your playlists and podcasts; it will also be able to pull out actionable health and fitness data from your phone. Given that many of us get onto our bikes in order to take a break from our smartphone screens, this integration is a welcome development. A smaller screen means less distraction!


You can think of a smart watch as a miniature computer, complete with a screen – because that’s what it is. Customise your experience with tailored apps, just as you would on your phone. This will allow you to track you favourite trails, or your nutrition. The TAG Heuer allows you to change the face, too – so you can look at a traditional clock face with hands, or a digital display.

In conclusion

This is a space where we might expect to see rapid advances. The Calibre E5 TAG Connected is rumoured to be landing in February – which should provide a nice chance to pick up one of its predecessors at a discount. 


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