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8 Cycling Essentials You Should Have At Home 

By Laura Dosil

If you are just getting into cycling and are keen to set yourself up with the right kit, we’re here to help. As a cyclist, there are several items you’ll want on hand at home, so you are prepped and ready to get out on the road. Here are eight of the essentials you’ll need to get started. 

  1. Repair tools 

It’s worth having some repair tools on hand, such as Allen keys, wrenches, spanners, and chain brushes. You could invest in a compact puncture repair kit to take out with you on your rides. 

2. Lubricants and degreasers

To keep your bike operating at its best, you’ll need to remove built-up oil and grease from your chains, cogs, and gears. Invest in a good quality degreaser and lubricant to keep your components clean. 

3. Spare inner tubes

If you get a flat tyre while out on your bike, you’ll want a new inner tube ready to replace the old one so you can get back on the saddle. You’ll need an inner tube that fits your wheel’s diameter and the tyre’s width – so check this before you buy!

4. Water bottle

It’s worth investing in a high-quality water bottle that sits neatly in your bottle cage, is easy to drink from while you’re cycling, has a tight seal to avoid leaks, and is easy to grip if your hands are sweaty.  

5. A helmet

This is a non-negotiable when it comes to cycling – so get yourself a decent helmet that will give you the protection you need. Look for options that offer good safety features, ventilation and are lightweight for a comfortable ride.

6. Efficient lights

It’s a legal requirement to have a white front light, red rear lights and reflectors, and amber pedal reflectors if you cycle between sunset and sunrise in the UK. So invest in some good-quality bike lights to make sure you’re visible to other road users! 

7. High-quality locks

You’ll need a strong lock that gives you the security you need without weighing you down on your rides. Some options include D-locks with separate keys, folding locks, and chain locks made from hardened steel. 

8. A storage spot 

Finally, you’ll need a dedicated storage spot at home for your cycling gear. You could create a bespoke understairs storage space, make a cycling section in your garage, or make the most of wall space using wall-mounted racks. Keep all your kit in one place so it’s easy to grab whenever you need it! 


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