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Building A Cycling Utopia In The Netherlands …& In York?

Back to the cycling after my few days of hiking and camping in The Lake District (see previous post). A couple of things have caught my eye this week. The first was a link sent to me by Simon Johnson. The link was contained in a short email that referred to The Netherlands being transformed into the cycling utopia that it is today and my initial reaction was that I had seen the video several times before. However, this was a new video put together by an American chap. It tells the same story but in a modern, refreshing style. And here it is:

Watching videos such as this are as depressing as they are inspiring. In the Anglo-Saxon world we have a very different attitude when it comes to embracing active travel. If you happened to watch last Monday’s episode of Panorama, you will know what I mean. You can see it in all its depressing glory here:

But all is not lost! The weekly email from Cycling UK reports of a new initiative just launched by the York Cycling Campaign. The article on the Cycling UK website is well worth a read. Here’s the link. As is the document that has been produced by York Cycling Campaign that explains, in 42 entirely achievable steps, how York could be transformed into a cycling utopia. Take a look by clicking on the image below:

Halifax – where I live – needs something similar…

In other news, watch out for a new episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast later today. It’s a podcast episode with a difference…


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