Crossing Europe… By Train – Part 1

I’m off on my summer travels… but without the bike and initially on the train. Or, rather, quite a few trains. My plan is to get as far as Chamonix by Saturday afternoon where I will meet up with a group of people for a guided hiking holiday – the Tour de Mont Blanc – and I am current awaiting the departure of my next train from one of Paris’ lesser-known stations, Bercy.

Yesterday I travelled from Yorkshire to Paris via the loud carriage (four loud Spaniards in front of me, an Englishwoman delivering an endless monologue to the young American sitting next to her, feral French children behind me and girl next to me receiving messages every few seconds on her phone…) on the Eurostar…

…and I spent an enjoyable evening wandering around the French capital. Far more peaceful than the train:

As for the next few days, I’m basically making things up as I go along. I’d like to get to Dijon later this afternoon but I was struggling to find a direct regional train. They exist but they weren’t at convenient times. So instead I’m heading for a places called Laroche-Migennes which is about half-way been Paris and Dijon is the correct direction. And then? I’ll figure it out later…


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  1. Should be good fun . Can’t believe you’re not on your bike tho!

    Monte Bianco ….the king of the mountains !

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