Le Grand Tour… In 57 Varieties

Well, images… I’ve just written something for the June / July edition of Cycling UK’s Cycle Magazine (the April / May edition landed on my doorstep yesterday morning as I was typing) about last year’s Grand Tour of Europe and I was asked to provide some images. The magazine doesn’t need anywhere near 57 images but these are the one from which they will choose. I thought I’d share them all here. You will, of course, have to wait until June to read the article itself. In the meantime you could catch up on the Grand Tour podcast and films. All the links are below…


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  1. Excellent! Will look forward to reading that! It’s a shame the newsstand magazines don’t really do touring articles, so Cycle is one if the few print media you can read proper travelogues and how-tos.

    • It was interesting writing the piece… and not easy. I’m used to the freedom of being able to ramble on. The word limit of 2,000 was quite constraining. That aside… am I correct in thinking that Cycle magazine has the largest circulation of cycling magazines (if that’s a fair comparison as it’s ‘free’ to members of Cycling UK…)?

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