The Way Of The Roses: Day 1, Part 2

The Good news (if you read the previous post) is that the WordPress app / mobile site seem to function much better with a 5G signal and at Red Bank Farm Campsite just to the north of Morecambe, there is a 5G signal. Admittedly, not being on a train also helps. But anyway, you didnt come here to read a lecture about the failings of the British mobile phone network (which is, incidentally, terrible compared to almost every other country through which i have cycled on the continent).

So here I am in Morecambe. I’ve pedalled just over 30km but made zero progress along the route of The Way of the Roses. However, this was never part of the plan for day 1 of this trip. Train to Morecambe, explore Morecambe, pitch tent at campsite near Morecambe. In a nutshell, that’s what happened.

I think I’ve been to Morecambe before, but not since the 70s or 80s and nothing that I saw this afternoon reminded me of that visit all those years ago. There’s a long sweeping arc of a seafront along which I cycled back and forth. In my mind it was like the arc of the bay at Nice. Having just checked the map, it’s nothing like that, but I can assure you it felt like that. The promenade is tailor-made for being a cyclist; wide, smooth and on a day like today – a little out of season and a stiff breeze – not many people were out strolling so the chances of knocking someone over whilst gazing out to sea or at one of the numerous onshore distractions were not high.

The wind has been pretty ferocious today and, as early evening sets in, is only just beginning to die down. So, fortified by a mocha coffee (it’s just a middle class way of saying ‘hot chocolate’, no?), I braved the windiest part of the seafront at the end of the Stone Jetty, took a few photos and then escaped back to the relative shelter of the main promenade. I located the starting point of the cycling route – I’ll be back there in the morning – and paused to take a few snaps. When you’ve not seen the sea for a while, it’s always a bit of a treat to pause and just watch it. Much time was spent doing that.

The three-day cycle to York starts in earnest in the morning. My usual camping fare of spaghetti and pesto will hopefully provide the energy I will need. I just hope the wind hasn’t changed direction…

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