The Making Of The Cycling Europe Podcast

I am in Hebden Bridge, experimenting. If you are reading this, congratulations! You are clearly a fan of the podcast as I’m making no effort to publicise this secret episode of the podcast. It doesn’t even have a number! You may find the audio of interest, you may not. Have a listen to what I’ve recorded and let me know what you think, good or bad…

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  1. Would never have guessed it was on such a ‘simple’ set up. Speech was clear and the primary audible sound with little back ground noise, but that may of been because you were sat in a phone box, hiding in a shed or similar quiet area. Either way it works and zero wind buffering. Be interesting how it sounds when you are a little further away and not directly talking into the mic as those candid conversations with hoteliers and staff you have that drift in the distance, I like those as they set the scene.

    • Thanks Nick. You make some interesting observations. I was standing in the park by a tree. I wanted to make sure I was standing somewhere where it was a bit windy, not that you notice much wind at all on the recording. I think the Rode microphone I was using is quite directional as, when I move the microphone to remind me the name of the make and point it away from my mouth, the audio of my voice drops off significantly. Regarding your comment about those candid conversations in previous podcasts, those have often been recorded using my iPhone rather than the Zoom H4n Pro for two reasons; it’s much less intrusive (who notices if someone is recording using a phone?) and also much quicker to start recording with, hence its ability to be quickly activated if / when something interesting happens which might be worth recording. The Zoom recorder is not usually at hand and once it is, takes about 20 seconds to switch itself on and be ready to record.

  2. “Experimenting in Hebden Bridge” piqued my interest. It obviously worked, audio sounded great and content was interesting.

    • Thanks. Yes, it sounded good. Just listened via my TV sound bar at home. It occasionally drifts in and out but not a hint of wind interference.

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