Le Grand Tour: Day 21 – Louannec To Morlaix (36km + Train)

CURRENT LOCATION: Hotel du Port, Morlaix

Finally writing this up… Not many will read this (as the post was published last night without any text) but it will, at least, be an aide-memoire when I later use these notes to write a book. In a way the ‘Mercedes afternoon’ I had experienced on the previous day continued until the following morning. Yes, it was a cheap, municipal campsite but it was packed to the rafters with screaming children. One particular specimen gets his / her starring role in episode 055 of The Cycling Europe Podcast which has now been published. 

I escaped the site by 9am and was heading around the corner to Perros-Guirec where I had breakfast. It would have been quite a short day if I had decided to cycle straight to Lannion from where I had already decided to take my third train of the trip to Morlaix in the afternoon. But the VeloMaritime wound it’s way along the coast visiting interesting ports in a far less brutal way that it had done the previous day. By that I mean that the descents and subsequent climbs seemed much more friendly. Or perhaps it was simply that the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, which it wasn’t. I light breeze. I can cope with that no problem. Some interesting geology along the way with the rounded rock moonscape beaches near Trégastel. I need to read up about what created them. They seem quite local to that particular section of the coast.

I bumped into three French lads who I have seen several times over the last few days at campsites and elsewhere. I asked if they would like to say a few words in English for the podcast and one of them did. I actually jumped into the three of them again today here on Morlaix. They told me that they had continued around the coast and cycled about 90km in total, indicating some pretty brutal climbing had to be done as it continued after Lannion. It was there that I had bailed out and taken the train. 

Two trains in fact (after moules-frites in Lannion) but I arrived in Morlaix late in the afternoon and descended from the hill about the town to the port area where I had booked into the hotel. A hotel which is full of touring cyclists. A town indeed which is full of touring cyclists. I suppose it’s a combination of being on the both the EuroVelos 1 and 4 as well as quite near the port at Roscoff. 


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