How To Customize Your Electric Off-Road Bike For Better Performance

By Tony Ashmore

Electric bikes are the go-to rides of people who roam around cities while minimizing expenses and improving fitness. In many cases, e-bikes are flexible and easy to use. They also come in various types, lengths, and sizes. Today, one of the up-and-coming e-bikes catching the market by storm is the electric off-road bike. Suppose you’re planning to buy an electric off-road bike anytime soon. In that case, you may need to know how to use and set it up to maximize its performance. In addition, you also need to learn what to adjust or replace to make the most of the eco-friendly ride. For that purpose, here’s an article to guide you. So, read on!

1. Maximize The Battery

Ride with a fully charged battery to ensure that your electric off road bike will have sustained performance. Since riding through rough off-road terrain may be challenging, a fully charged battery is necessary to keep the ride at a continuously fast pace.

Batteries’ voltage drops when discharged, so you need to make the most of their voltage right from the start. If your battery’s voltage starts to go down more quickly than before due to extended use, you may consider replacing it with a new one.

You may think about swapping your old battery pack for a 48-volt product in choosing a battery. If you have a lithium-ion or polymer battery, you may add new cells for enhanced voltage. In adding new cells, remember to use only the ones that could match the existing cells in the pack.

2. Recalibrate The Speed Sensor

Many electric bikes have speed sensors that measure the tire rotations per minute. In many cases, these devices are installed in the back wheel. If this is the case, you may need to move your sensor to the crank instead of the wheel. This way, your wheel will be lighter and may move faster.

3. Use Off-Road Tires

Many off-road bikes have generic types. Some even have smooth ones. While they run fast in concrete, the electric off-road bikes tend to go slow on rough roads. To avoid this, you may consider replacing your bicycle tires with new knobby tires for better off-road traction.

In choosing the tires appropriate for off-roading, you may look for tires measuring one to three inches. You may also consider selecting the tires with 100 to 120 psi. In riding through muddy and slippery surfaces, always ride slowly, even with off-road tires. Your wheels may not function as you want them to be in this situation.

4. Remove Speed Limiter

Generally, electric bikes have speed limiters, so these rides could only run within their prescribed speed. If you choose to improve your e-bike’s overall performance, you may think about removing the speed limiter for good. You can continue speeding up even on rough terrains without receiving a speed warning or restriction.

5. Choose The Right Gear

The gears of electric bikes power the pedal assist and the throttle. While these are usually built-in and are found on the handlebars, you can still modify your gear and install what could enhance your bike’s speed. For example, single-speed electric bikes with pedal-assist Level 3 bikes have no resistance and allow the biker to go as fast as he pedals.

You may also need to remember that bike typically has two shifting gears in considering the gears. If you use high gear, you’ll exhaust more effort. On the other hand, you’ll need little effort with light gear. These basics are essential, especially if you’re planning an off-road cycling adventure.

6. Update The Software

Updating the software doesn’t just increase your bike’s allowed speed but also removes the speed limiter. This way, you can speed up as much as you want. You may also adjust the software settings to fix any technical hindrances of the bike. For the best results, you may install easy-to-navigate software to improve your bike’s overall speed and performance.

7. Increase Motor Performance

The motor is responsible for the full speed of the electric bike. If you have an old motor, you may consider rewinding it. Rewound motors require less torque on startup and spin faster because of fewer winds. If you’re thinking about replacing your motor, you may choose mid-drive motors as they’re more appropriate for off-road biking.

Wrapping Up

Customizing your electric off-road bike is an excellent way to improve your bike’s performance. This will require you to replace or upgrade original bike parts in many cases. On your end, you may need to assess your needs first before choosing the modification appropriate for your bike and preference.

Suppose you’re planning to modify your electric bike anytime soon. In that case, you may need to read this article and try the mentioned ways of customizing your bike. For other ideas, you may ask seasoned off-road bikers about their personal hacks for making their bikes faster and more powerful on the rough road.

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