The Cyclists’ Special Excursion To Rugby: Plus ร‡a Change…

I think this film may have featured on is the dim, distant past – there are nearly 4,000 posts on the site! – but it’s worth sharing again. A period piece if ever there was one made in 1955, complete with plummy narrator dishing out the British Rail propaganda. Alas the British obsession with hanging bikes in trains is nothing new. At least back in the 50’s they seem to have been allocated plenty of space, in stark contrast to the horror of the modern Azuma trains…

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  1. After struggling to get our two bikes into the ridiculous cycle cupboard from Paignton last Sunday I can only dream of a dedicated bike wagon!

    In the film they talk of avoiding the โ€œdreaded bonkโ€ – I donโ€™t fancy that!

    • You must have bonked in your time Simon! Google it but be carefulโ€ฆ (try bonking + cycling to avoid any issues ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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