France / French: Preparing For The Next Podcast

At 9am this morning – Sunday 12th – I’m going to record a chat with Lyn Eyb of It’s the second attempt to do this this week as on Thursday evening the Internet connection was so poor that we abandoned it as a bad job. Hopefully by choosing 9am on a Sunday morning, the Internet will be a little less clogged up with people watching Netflix, downloading games etc… Anyway, my discussion with Lyn will form the basis of the next episode of The Cycling Europe Podcast – episode 051 – and I’ve been doing a bit of preparation…

After our failed attempt a few days ago, I tweeted as much and decided to ask if anyone had any questions that they would like me to ask Lyn about cycling in France. A few people came up with some good questions and you can see them below:

Lyn was even so good as to answer the questions briefly in a few tweets. In the podcast I’m sure she’s say more than she was able to do with 280 characters on Twitter.

I also thought it would be good to include in the podcast the extract from Spain to Norway on a Bike Called Reggie which recounts the morning when I met Lyn in Saumur in France back in 2015. I recorded it a couple of hours ago and, to whet your appetite for the full podcast (which will hopefully be published next weekend), here is that extract, complete with cheesy French music:

Reading and recording that extract reminds me of the holes in my French when it comes to technical words relating to the bicycle so I dug out my ageing bilingual visual dictionary to see if there was a page dedicated to the bicycle. And of course there was:

There’s even one for camping!

I dare say that in the updated version of the book – my copy was first published nearly 20 years ago – uses more modern images. You can buy it here.

The EU’s ‘European Economic and Social Committee’ have produce their own multi-lingual guide with bicycle-related vocabulary in a range of European languages. Here it is in all its glory. Enjoy!

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