The Way Of The Roses: Day 4

Day 3 for the pedants… (See previous posts.) It was flat and it was a tale of two cities; Ripon and York. A functional day of cycling but enjoyable nevertheless. The route was a turney-twisty one sending me in most directions; east, south, north… but never west. With a wind from the south-west, I invariably had to fight against it, rewarded at the next turn with the push of the gusts.

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A few oddities along the way; Roman mosaics, a vineyard, a stately home… but lots of fields. Once in York, I jumped on a train to Church Fenton, cycled 10km to Tadcaster to drop off the bike for its service (slight worry in that the rear rotor needs replacing but it needs to be a special one for Rohloff hubs; will they manage to find one before the end of June when I’m scheduled to head off to the continent?), get a lift in a Tesla back to the station, catch the train to Halifax and be fleeced by a taxi driver for the ride home in his taxi…

Now at home, warming up!

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    • Just to clarify… The train to Tadcaster (Church Fenton) was only £5 and one of David’s sons gave me a lift back to the station (as I left the bike at Cyclesense) in his car – the Tesla – which was very kind of him. The fleecing by the taxi driver came when I arrived back in Halifax. I had already checked an UBER and the price would have been about £9 to get home. Instead, I took one of the taxis at the rank outside the station. He didn’t accept payment by card and after two visits to cashpoints that weren’t working, I had to get cash back on things I bought in a local Coop!!! The taxi ended up costing £17 (plus what I had to buy in the shop to get the £17). It was a palaver to say the least… Even with the delay to get cash, £17 was over the top for the journey home. In future I’ll be finding taxis that accept cards!

  1. That’s luxury! We’re in Lewis in the Hebrides and we’ve been battling a 50km/h head wind for four days. It’s been pretty cold too

    • Ouch! I feel your pain. Well, actually, I don’t as I’m now back home in bed with the heating on… Good luck for the rest of the trip 🙂

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