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Episode 027 of The Cycling Europe Podcast was an important one… It featured Dr. Ian Walker, an academic and cyclist who had broken the World Record for cycling from Nordkapp in Norway to Tarifa in Spain. That in itself made it worthy of note and I would encourage you to go back and have a listen. However, I normally ask people who appear on the podcast to provide me with a few images that I can use when publicising their particular episode of the podcast. Episode 027 was the first when I used one of the images as a background to the information slide that is used on YouTube (prior to that it was just a different colour background for each episode).

Below is a collection of the background images I’ve used since Ian Walker’s podcast which was published in January 2021. All have been provided by the participants in the podcast and all credit goes to them. Listen to the podcasts themselves via The Cycling Europe Podcast page of Inspiration for a Bank Holiday Monday…

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