The Way Of The Roses: Day 1, Part 1

I think it’s fair to say that the Northern Trains service from Leeds to Morecambe isn’t one of the operators premium routes. I’m currently standing next to a bin in the area reserved for bicycles. Wanda, my bike, is under careful observation as she is jolted from side to side in perfect synchronisation with the movement of the carriage. There is no warning of when a jolt might fling the poor bicycle from its resting place in the direction of the toilet just opposite. I am posed to pounce if needs be…

But at least I’m en route. Destination Morecambe:

I first mooted the idea of cycling one of the coast-to-coast routes of northern England a couple of months ago. Not only was I keen to attempt one of them but I also had an eye on my trip around the Baltic. If timed to take place shortly before I set off for the continent, it would act as a good shakedown of me, the bike and my kit. Although the Baltic trip has been abandoned if preference of ‘Le Grand Tour’ (see link below), this short trip across the Pennines remains just as useful. So here’s the plan:

As I cycle I’ll be trying to put myself back in touring cyclist mode before the two-month journey later in the summer. From cycling long distances on consecutive days, to erecting the tent, to cooking, to attempting to get to sleep at night… to recording the journey in photos, videos and a podcast as well writing posts like this. And on that latter point I am immediately reminded just how frustrating it can be using the WordPress app. Specifically, how it is almost impossible to upload media via the app; video is far easier to embed via YouTube (as proven above) and images require a detour to the WordPress mobile page. Plus ça change…

So, as I envisage heading in that direction to upload the images, I’ll leave you to ponder the view as the Yorkshire Dales melt into Lancashire… More later in part 2!

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  1. I cycled from Roscoff down to the Spanish border a couple of years ago. We found it quite hard to find/follow the Velodyssee. That said it was still a great route. The Nantes/ Brest canal was a lovely flat traffic free time. Further south we rarely saw the sea. The forests were another quiet stretch.

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