The Life And Times Of The Koga Kid

The focus in recent weeks and months has been on my new Ribble Bikes hybrid that I purchased earlier in the year so as to make the cycle to work a bit more feasible. The hills of the Yorkshire Pennines can be very unforgiving and for a daily commute that involves several sharp climbs, a simple, light bicycle was needed and the Ribble Hybrid AL Trail Disc Enthusiast 2.0 does a mighty fine job. I also wanted a bicycle that, if stolen whilst left unattended during the day at work / school, would only leave me devastated rather than suicidal. Read all about it below:

If you managed to get to the end of that post about Ronnie Ribble, you will have seen the pictures of Reggie, the Ridgeback Panorama and Wanda, the Koga WorldTraveller bikes. If you need to catch up on that particular story, watch this:

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But since late 2021, Wanda (the Koga) has remained at the back of my living room, hibernating. She hasn’t budged once, not even when I did the annual house clean just before Easter. Today, however, she’s going to wake from her state of slumber and hit the cycle path. I’m not quite sure where we will end up – I have simply arranged to meet a friend at 10am outside the local Tesco Express. (The glamour!) It will be good to ride her again although I suspect that, after a couple of months of almost daily rides on the Ribble, she will appear somewhat heavy and bouncy. I’m also anticipating she might be a bit creaky but hopefully nothing that a bucket of warm water thrown over her won’t solve. I’ll no doubt update later with where we ended up (don’t expect anything too exciting; I won’t be venturing very far) but I am genuinely excited soon to be back on the bike that has served me well since the summer of 2019. If you need catching up on what’s happened since then, watch these; Yorkshire East Coast, the Isle of Wight, Spain and Portugal, the Yorkshire Dales, the Great British Cycle Tour, The Hebridean Way and Stirling to Edinburgh. She’s not been idle…

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