Cycling Yorkshire: Routes 69 & 66 (Incorporating The Spen Valley Greenway)


Today you have a triple bill of media choice…’s answer to the red button, albeit without a red button (or indeed any kind of button). If you’d like to be fully informed about my cycle from Huddersfield along route 69 (the ‘Birkby Bradley Greenway’ or ‘the place to dump your rubbish’ as the locals nearer to the centre of Huddersfield prefer to think of it as…), route 66 from Dewsbury to Bradford along the Spen Valley Greenway and onwards to Leeds via the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, choose option 1, the audio version:

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If, however, you are an admirer to beautiful images, why not try option 2, the arty photograph version:

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On the other hand choose option 3 which, let’s face it, is the unchallenging why-read-a-book-when-they’ve-already-made-a-film choice:

Whatever your option, enjoy.

More Yorkshire adventures coming soon…

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