Ulverston: Talking & Walking

Arrived in Ulverston on the southern edges of the Lake District yesterday afternoon to give a talk as part of the Retro Rendezvous / Vรฉlo Retro Festival. (I even now have the t-shirt…) One of the nicest things about giving these talks is visiting corners of the country that I had never previously explored. Ulverston is a classic example of a town that’s tucked away around a corner of Britain and which, presumably, many people simple ignore. They shouldn’t as I found out last night before and after the talk and on an early morning walk up the hill to the Sir John Barrow Monument. He was big in the 19th century world of lighthouses so they built one in his honour. Let’s hope that any passing ships weren’t using it navigate as it’s well over a mile inland… I camped last night in Ford Park. Breakfast of scrambled egg on toast is highly recommended at the community run coach house on the edge of the park, as is a wander around the walled garden in the morning sunlight. Beautiful!


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