York Cycle Rally: Speaking, Socialism & Skin

There’s something reassuringly old school about the York Cycle Rally. Not retro, just old school. Nothing forced; no obligation to ride a bicycle that dates from a day before the word ‘comfort’ appears to have come to the attention of bicycle designers, just reassuringly traditional. Neither fashionable not unfashionable. Neither cool nor uncool. Just relaxed.

I was there this afternoon to give a talk but the real joy was in wandering, observing and, occasionally, chatting. The chap from The National Clarion Cycling Club 1885 (they split from The National Clarion Cycling Club as they wanted to remain true to the group’s socialist origins) described himself as ‘slightly to the left of Stalin‘. That made me smile. Sven Cycles had me thinking again about bespoke bicycles. The tattoo? I’m still trying to work it out…

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  1. Had a really good weekend, Perfect weather and good company as always.
    Well done to Tony for the auction it ran very smooth and timely the only criticism was the saddlebag sale, buyers queing patiently while traders pick through before we get in then walk past us clearly displaying there spoils! Hardly seems fair but hey ho.

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