The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 022

It may be flatter in The Netherlands but can that really explain why women set off on their bicycles 25-times more often than here in the UK? It seems unlikely. Cycling UK’s Women’s Festival of Cycling takes place from 11th-31st July. Its aim is to encourage more women to cycle and The Cycling Europe Podcast talks to Cycling UK’s Helen Cook about the thinking behind the event and what will be taking place. On July 11th the 4th list of ‘100 Women in Cycling’ will be published by Cycling UK. The podcast speaks to Susan Doram who appeared on the list in 2019 about her cycling journey from the company car to cycling the globe, via much, much more…

The Koga E-WorldTraveller Bicycle

I don’t have a great deal to say about this but the Koga E-WorldTraveller bicycle shown here is basically an e-bike version of Wanda, my Koga WorldTraveller Signature. Give me another 20 years and I might be investing but there are more and more eBikes on the road and it’s not just the older generation. I see quite a few younger people cycling them and it no longer seems incongruous. Better a young person on an eBike than in a car!

Max’s Podcast Story: “The Best Yet”

I write the books and post things to this website because I enjoy doing so. It’s as simple as that. The same goes for the podcast which has now come of age following the release of episode 021 earlier this week. It is, however, rather humbling to receive the positive feedback that so many of you make the effort to give. Below are a few comments that I have been delighted to read this week. Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast and to all those people below, thank you for taking the time to get in touch. The latest instalment of The Cycling Europe Podcast investigates the epic cycle of Maximilian J. St. George at the start of the 20th Century. Max was the man who invented bikepacking about 100 years before bikepacking itself was invented… Or should that now be ‘re-invented’?

A Tale Of Two Cycles: It Was The Best Of Rides, It Was The Worst Of Rides…

With a nod to Charles Dickens, that just about sums up yesterday’s cold, rain-drenched ride from Tadcaster back home after collecting Wanda the WorldTraveller from her pit stop at CycleSense. One of those days when it would have been all but impossible to actually get off the bike, fumble with the phone with numbed fingers and take any photographs. So there is no photographic proof that the conditions were as bad as they were; you’ll just have to take my word for it.

Is The ‘Golden Age For Cycling’ Already Over?

As I have been doing ever since the lockdown started, today I went out for my daily exercise. It’s no longer my ‘permitted’ exercise as it seems that things are back to normal in terms of getting out and about, as long as we keep our 2 metres of distance. In the main, people seem to be sticking to that. This morning I set off on what would become a 20km walk to the Ryburn and Baitings reservoirs making the most of the warm day. There were a good number of people out and about despite it being Monday; I was certainly not alone. Then I looked online…